10 Cheap Things to do in Paris

Paris can quickly become an expensive city to navigate! But with the right planning, you can discover this city on a budget. Below are 10 cheap things to do in Paris. Perfect for first time visitors.

10 Cheap Things to do in Paris

1. Take a Picture with the Eiffel Tower

What is Paris without the Eiffel Tower? This is obviously a tourist bucket list item but a necessity especially when you are visiting Paris for the first time! A great place to get a perfect view of the tower is going to Trocadero on the west side of the Eiffel Tower.

Selfie with the Eiffel Tower


2. People Watch at Cafe De Flore

Cafe de Flore is probably not a true local cafe- and a bit overpriced, but to stay on the cheap just order an espresso and something sweet and let the people watching begin. From the tourists to the locals, the neighborhood of Saint Germain is a bright and lively neighborhood to fully take in the Parisian Lifestyle.

Cafe De Flore Exterior


3. Buy French Beauty Products

I have got accustomed to using French beauty products on a daily basis and am always sticker shocked when I come to buy them in the US. In France my favorite products like Nuxe, Embryolisse, Bioderma, Caudalie, and Avene are nearly 50% less expensive than the USA. The best place to purchase these discounted beauty products is at City Pharma in the St. Germain neighborhood.

City Pharma Paris

4. Visit the Opera Garnier

By far this is the most opulent and beautiful place I have ever been! It was honestly breathtaking in person. To the gold details, chandeliers, and the history of this building I recommend taking a tour, or just heading in on your own and picking up an audio guide. Also there is a perfect photo opportunity on the opera’s front balcony overlooking the square below and Avenue de l’Opera.

Opera Garnier Interior Opera Garnier Ceiling Overlooking Paris Palais Garnier

5. Eat Macaroons at Laduree

Paris is known for it’s delectable sweets. A Macaroon is a must when visiting Paris. Tip: Visit the Champs Elysées Location for a grand feel.

Laduree Paris Shop Window Macarons at Laduree

6. Shop at Galeries Lafayette

Depending on your budget, I realize that this Parisian department store is on the higher end, but the building itself is gorgeous and worth to check out. However, some floors offer less expensive items so you may even find something oh so chic!

Galleries Lafayette Paris Galleries Lafayette Paris

7. Explore Paris Side Streets

Everywhere you look in Paris seems like a photograph, but the side streets offer just as much beauty. The painted Parisian doors, and the small cafes on the corner offer perfect opportunities for pictures and people watching. Who knows what you might find! My favorite picture is one I took of this man tending his flower shop!

Paris Side Streets Summer Paris Street Style Spring

8. Drink Wine along the Seine

Buy a bottle of your favorite French wine, grab your cups, and head down to the Seine. Enjoying the scenery and the bridges that interlock the city is just a perfect way to wind down from touring. If you’re lucky you might catch a gorgeous sunset like I did! The view was stunning!

Drinking Wine Along the Seine Sunset on the Seine River

9. Rent Bicycles

A fun way to discover Paris that isn’t underground, or a tourist bus is renting bicycles and navigating the city yourself. I must say that Parisian streets are very narrow and intersections were a bit different than the US, but after a few minutes on the bike you get used to it- just be cautious!

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of riding bikes in Paris, but they offer a bike rental system where you can take bikes and park them throughout the city. We didn’t have a map of where these stations were located but we just stumbled upon one when we wanted to get off.

10. Oder Cafe Like a Parisian

Don’t be that tourist who order’s their coffee like they are back where they are from- like the lady who wanted her Flat White to go. 1. The barista didn’t speak english 2. Cafe is espresso 3. Parisian’s don’t take their coffee to go. Sip & Enjoy!

Order Cafe Like a Parisian


There you have 10 Cheap things to do in Paris! I hope you try out some of these things when you visit Paris next.

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